Our aim is to ensure you as a learner are fully equipped ahead of your exam(s), however we are always conscious and aware that we do not want to overwhelm you and for that purpose we thought it might be helpful to provide you with a checklist of the information you need to pay particular attention to.

Checklist to go through prior to your exam(s):

  • Ensure you have scheduled your exam on the Testreach app, no less than 72 hours prior to your exam. If you do not do this, you will not be permitted to take your exam(s) on the day.
  • Take note of the ‘PMI EXAM PROCEDURES’ document, as this contains details of who you should contact on the day if you face any difficulties.
  • Read through all the attached documents, as they will full equip you for what to expect on the day of your exam.

Important information regarding remote invigilation:

  • The document ‘remote invigilation protocol’ outlines what to expect during a remote invigilated exam. If you have taken an online exam recently, you will probably be aware of the online procedures, however if this type of exam is new to you, please go through this document in detail, as your invigilator will ask you many questions, such as:
  • show your ID
  • show a 360 view of your room via your camera to the remote invigilator
  • empty your pockets in front of the invigilator
  • show behind your ears to the invigilator

(the above is not an exhaustive list)

The reason you will be asked the above, is to ensure we are following our regulator's requirements (Ofqual) when hosting an online exam.

Important information regarding technical issues:

  • It is extremely important that you, as the learner taking the exam(s), contact your remote invigilator (via the online chat function) and that your organisation does not do this on your behalf (unless they have been given prior authorisation from the PMI). If you face technical issues of any kind, if you are experiencing difficulties reading the questions (or anything else), you must report this to your invigilator asap. If you do not report this but email the PMI stating you faced difficulties during your exam, there may be little we can do, and your difficulties may not be taken into consideration.
  • If you are unable to view information on the Testreach app, this may be due to your screen display or dimensions. Especially as the issues reported are different to each other, it is very unlikely to be an in-app issue or something to do with the paper set-up. Therefore, it's quite difficult for us to give any absolute/concrete fix to this as each candidate's device is different. However, usually if a candidate is experiencing issues like this, Testreach support team or the candidate's invigilator do usually have tips to help and guide them, and sometimes just by terminating/resuming the exam the issue can be solved (as it might have been just a dodgy internet moment at the time of connecting the exam, so it might have loaded a bit funny). This may be due to a drop in internet speed and as a result the exam was unable to load properly.

Important Points to Note:

Your exam will be taking place online (remotely), meaning you do not have to travel to an exam centre; however, you must ensure you have read and understood all of the following criteria to be able to successfully take your exam:

  • Ensure you have access to a working webcam as you will be remotely invigilated
  • Ensure you have appropriate IT permission to download the Testreach exam app 
  • Ensure you have read our policy on Deferrals, Withdrawals and Cancellations here before making any bookings
  • Ensure you have read all of the Testreach documentation 
  • Ensure you are using the learning material provided on the learning website when revising for your exam