We want you to do well in your exams as payment for all of the hard work and effort you have put into getting there. It is for that purpose we have decided to provide the information necessary to access and take our exams in the one place.

We have done that for a number of reasons:

Transparency: Informing learners about what resources they can use during the exam promotes transparency in the examination process. It ensures that learners know what is expected of them and what resources they are allowed to utilise, which can help reduce confusion and anxiety.
Equity: Providing access information ensures that all learners have equal access to resources during the exam. This can be particularly important in situations where learners may have different levels of access to technology or materials outside of the exam environment.
Preparation: Knowing what resources will be available allows learners to better prepare for the exam. They can familiarise themselves with the permitted materials and plan how they will use them to support their performance during the exam.
Focus: By clarifying what resources are allowed, learners can focus their preparation efforts on understanding how to effectively use those resources to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This can help them avoid wasting time or energy on materials that will not be accessible during the exam.
Integrity: Clearly communicating access information helps uphold the integrity of the exam process. Learners are less likely to engage in academic dishonesty or unauthorised behaviour if they understand the boundaries of what is permitted during the exam.

Whilst the reponsibility of the exam is with the PMI, we use a third party to host the exam in TestReach.  Please make sure both you and your IT departments are familiar with this document:

A Guide to the TestReach Desktop App for IT Departments

Please read through the following information provided carefully and act on it when asked to, in order to make exam session run as smoothly as possible.