Revision Courses

The PMI offers revision courses in all of the Advanced Diploma modules plus the Retirement Provision Certificate.

The revision courses are suitable for those who are actively studying for one of our qualifications.

We offer revision courses to help learners prepare for their exams.

Revision courses are in place to help learners refresh parts of their study, ask tutors any burning questions and to go over sections of the learning material. The revision courses are not in place for learners to cram in last minute study and should not be used as the only study preparation for the PMI exams, the expectation is that learners have already progressed well with their learning ahead of any revision session. 

We also offer a package deal (exam entry + revision session), which is at a reduced rate and can be found on the relevant qualification page.  The sessions on this webpage are for the revision sessions only (bookings for exams are made separately).  

As per our booking pages, all of our revision courses are hosted online. When you book you will receive your calendar invite, with TEAMS meeting details included shortly afterwards.

Please note, the revision session will be recorded

It is important that you keep your video camera on throughout the duration of this session so that the revision tutor can interact with you and make this a more personable session for all. If you do not follow these instructions it is likely that the tutor will not proceed until all attendees have turned their camera on.   

Learners must review and be familiar with the course material ahead of attending these sessions.   

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.